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Qabazard Boats

Proposal presented by: 5ostudios

The Challenge: What Our Client Needs

Qabazard Boats (The Client) is a company selling boat’s spare parts and diving equipments. With a huge list of spare parts items managed via excel sheets to control and manage inventory and selling prices, the client wants to start offering their products online on their own branded website.

The client wants to allow customers to pay for their orders online and set the shipping address where orders will be delivered. And for inventory to be managed manually using spreadsheets that will reflect the available inventory of each product on store as there will be off-site selling beside the online orders.


Our Proposed Solution

We (5oStudios) propose a WooCommerce based website to list all products as a table view because the client doesn’t have much data about each single product to show like (description, images, tags, etc.) so with minimal available product data, we can show them to website visitors.

We will be using WordPress plugins to allow the client to manage the inventory of products easily in table view, besides allow adding and removing products, updating price, etc. Website visitors will be able to search for the product they want or select to filter based on a specific category.

Customers will be able to make orders online on website by adding products to the shopping cart and go through the checkout process running by the process of online payment via the preferred payment gateway that should have a plugin available for integration purpose.

The client can use the WooCommerce mobile app to manage orders and get notified about new orders beside email notifications of each order. Once order is placed on website, the client will prepare the package to be shipped off-site and change the status of order.

Beside the website, we will provide a POS that can be used in shop of warehouse where client can record sales and orders to keep the inventory up to date.

Scope of Work

The scope of work of developing and launching a WooCommerce based website for the purpose mentioned in both challenge and proposed solution sections will be as follow:

Website Development

We (5oStudios) shall start the process of building and developing the website as soon as we get the client approval on this proposal. The website will be built based on the criteria that was presented as a solution for the project challenge and to lead to the required results that make the website works as expected based on the developer's judgment and experience. The development process will be executed on our own servers and development environment for all stages until the final approval from the client to launch the website on his own domain. We will be using core WooCommerce functions assisted side by side with the required plugins to get the proposed workflow completed in the best possible way and by taking care of both performance of the website and user experience while shopping.

Website Hosting

As mentioned above, we will be hosting the website during the development stage on our own servers for developing and sharing purposes. Once we are done building the website and get the final approval from the client to launch the website, the client will have the option to migrate the website to be hosted on his own servers or to subscribe to one of our hosting plans and keep the website hosted on 5oStudios servers.

Website Maintenance

Like any other website or application, the website needs to have a regular maintenance process to keep it up to date with the latest update release for core WordPress, WooCommerce, and all plugins. It is also important to keep backups regularly to avoid data loss that could happen due to a failure of core update or any other reason. 5oStudios offers a maintenance plan for WordPress based websites that take care of all of the related stuff and keep you focusing just on running your business.

Project Timeline

Estimated Timeline:

1 Aug 2023 - 15 Aug 2023

Website development
1 Week
Launch beta version
08 Aug 2023
Test beta & provide feedback
09 Aug - 11 Aug
Launch website
15 Aug 2023

Project Estimate

Website Development , Hosing and Maintenance

Total: 750

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