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Flex Resorts & Real Estate Co.

Mazaya tower
kuwait city

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QR code integration , data migration and system enhancement and  development  : 

Develop QR code in apps and website

-Configuration and integration QR code with ZK hardware devices and servers 

-Implement connection between flex system servers , ZK servers and ZK code devices 

– Data migration in system and ZK servers 

-Create  Special Database and integrate into ZK servers and system servers

-Implement and Develope connection between system ,QR code devices ,ZK servers and apps

-Testing and training for QR code and related subjects 

-Enhancement on dashboard , apps and website for QR code 

-Changing and development required for QR code on apps, website and dashboard

Changing and development requested from flex team on apps, website and dashboard

Duration: 8 Month working from November 2021 until now 





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